So..we went to the beach for a maternity shoot. Normal day right?


It was a warm Autumn afternoon and we went to a scenic, quiet beach where I love to shoot. But all did not quite go as planned…
As we pulled into the parking area, a troop of baboons had claimed dominion over the bins…so we very gingerly made out way past them and down the rocky mountain path to the beach. I love baboons, really I do… except when they're a little too close for comfort, especially when you have a pregnant client and her toddler in tow. Down at the beach everything is peaceful, the sun is setting in all its splendour, there is no wind (which in Cape Town is practically a miracle)...until…..out of nowhere, a HUGE baboon comes sprinting down the beach at full speed, zones in on our bag, snatches it and disappears into the mountainside bushes 😲 Panic set in as we realise our cellphones and car keys are in that bag..and without hesitation, Dad sprints off after the thief.

We waited anxiously, and after what felt like forever, he emerged triumphantly clutching the bag, most of its contents recovered save for the unfortunate casualty of Kate’s snack box 🐵

Not to be deterred, Mr Baboon comes back! and the standoff begins. It was a showdown! 🤠
A battle of wills between Dad and Baboon. Three meters apart, they locked eyes…Dennis ready to defend his territory and his family’s possessions…baboon thug trying his best intimidation tactics, waiting for the slightest show of fear.
For what felt like an hour (probably 10 minutes but time goes slow when you’re slightly terrified), Dennis’ determination and steely gaze won out and the baboon gave up and slinked away, defeated.
Looking back, amidst the chaos and adrenaline, I can't help but appreciate the unexpected twist that nature threw at us. I mean, who needs a run-of-the-mill, maternity shoot anyway?




20230606 yolandi maternity 04


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